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What is Hypnosis?

Our Basingstoke dental clinic sees many nervous patients and sometimes, being able to gently relax the patient of nerves creates a much better experience. For nervous patients, the hypnotist works with you to bring a therapeutic change in perceptions, feelings, thinking and behavior. Our hypnotist will use ´suggestions´ and associated imagery, which will allow you to feel more, relaxed.

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How does it work?

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which the patient will withdraw from the awareness of the current situation and instead concentrate attention on a different focal point in an attentive and responsive manner – meaning your mind is not thinking about the dental treatment.

What if I am still nervous?

Hypnosis is not for everyone and sometimes the fear of the dentist is too much to handle. Our Basingstoke Dental team also offers conscious sedation where you can have a qualified anesthetist to safely sedate you whilst being fully conscious during your treatment. This is typically used for larger treatments such as implants or extractions, but more and more patients are using this type of therapy for regular dentistry such as fillings and root canal treatment.

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Omnia Dental is a private dental practice in Basingstoke priding itself on providing dentistry with clear results. We are passionate about delivering happiness to our patients, which is why every smile matters for us. Our dental clinic is close to Basingstoke town centre and has free road side parking.

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