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About Our Prevention Services

We appreciate that every one of our clients and every mouth is different. By working closely with you and your dentist, our fantastic dental hygienists will deliver a bespoke hygiene programme designed to protect and maintain your dental health. Together, you can be sure that we will be doing everything possible to prevent unforeseen problems arising.

Our hygiene team have extensive knowledge and experience of the way in which different factors - including your genetic make-up, lifestyle, age, diet and dental hygiene - can affect gum disease and tooth decay. With this in mind, they will offer realistic advice and demonstrations on working the programme into your daily routine. Rest assured, we pride ourselves on delivering blame-free and judgement-free care, just as we would expect ourselves.

As well as providing scaling, polishing and professional cleaning, the hygienist will record your plaque levels, check for recurring areas of tooth decay and gum disease, treat any localised flare-ups, and gently remove (as much as possible) the bacteria that has migrated under the gum line. You will walk out feeling like your teeth and their foundations are gleaming!

Feel Good Dentistry

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Our Boutique Dental Clinics

enVisage dental is a fast growing collection of boutique dental clinics across Hampshire and the surrounding areas. To find out more about your local clinic, click on one our sites below.

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About us

enVisage dental is a collection of boutique private dental clinics with a goal to change your perception of dentistry. We are on a mission to deliver happiness and to inspire you to bring out the best version of yourself. We take pride in providing 'feel good dentistry' with treatments designed for clear results because to us, every smile matters. All our dental clinics use the latest technology and facilities to treat our patients along with a long standing team of professionals ready to care for you.

We offer all our patients a monthly membership at just £15.95 to ensure all your bi-annual Healthy Mouth Reviews and Hygiene Visits are covered. Members also benefit from 10% to 20% off our treatments, worldwide emergency dental cover + flash sales. Experience the difference today with our new patient consultation for just £89.