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How can I best whiten my teeth?

How can I best whiten my teeth?

Posted on March 29, 2016 by Stephanie Turner in Smile Makeover (clinic: Alton)

These fall into 2 broad categories. They have the longest track record and are considered by many to be the most reliable and predictable way to whiten teeth.


The tray-less systems are similar to 'In Surgery' systems, except you do the whitening at home. The main advantages over the 'In Surgery' system are:

  • More control. As this system takes effect gradually over a few days, you can stop when you want.
  • Lasts longer. The effects of whitening last longer if they take longer to achieve.
  • Easier and less costly to do a top up later on.
  • You can use your own judgement. If there is one tooth that is darker then this can be given some extra goes to allow it to catch up.
  • Some have a light which again warms the gel.
  • Low sensitivity.

The main disadvantages are:

  • You have to do a lot of the treatment on your own, and need to consistently allow time during your day for predictable results. We all lead busy lives and this does not suit everybody.
  • It is harder to get the necks of the teeth whiter when compared with tray systems (e.g. where there has been recession)

Systems with trays

These have the control, a proven track record for decades and longer lasting effects. They tend to be a little better than tray-less systems at improving the shade of the necks of teeth. Some systems such as B1 Guaranteed Whitening ensure such predictable results due to their excellent track record that we even offer a money back guarantee!

The main disadvantages:

  • Sensitivity. The trays hold the gel close to the teeth for a while and this can cause sensitivity, albeit fleeting after a short period.
  • Night wear. Often the most predictable way to use these trays is by wearing them in your mouth overnight. This does not suit everybody.
  • Whilst you can use the trays again for a top up in the future, they may not fit so well a few years down the line, especially if you have had any treatment in the interim. If this is the case then new trays need to be made.

Our envisage dental clinic in Alton offers tooth whitening and has a wealth of experience in different systems. If you are interested in whitening or any of our services then do call our reception team on 01420 84443, or email on [email protected].

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