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How To Choose A Private Dentist

How To Choose A Private Dentist

Posted on February 1, 2018 by Stephanie Turner in Alton News (clinic: Alton)

How To Choose A Private Alton Dentist?

Even at the best of times visiting your dentist can be a scary experience for some and for most it’s not at the top of their wish list. 

There are a few tips you can follow to ensure you choose the right private dentist.  

So what are your options? 

1> Talk to the Alton Dental Envisage team

Feel free to talk to our friendly front-of-house team and dental nurses until you feel like all your questions have been answered.

We pride ourselves on making new patients feel comfortable, our priority is to ensure that you are armed with the knowledge required to make an informed decision on your possible course of treatment.

All our employees including our qualified dentists, dental nurses and office staff have had in-house training to cater for those who feel nervous or suffer from dental phobia.

2> Research our treatments and services

It is important to understand the pros and cons of each treatment option. Consider whether you are interested in a specific procedure or treatment, for example cosmetic or orthodontic work.

At Envisage we have a very talented group of dental experts and specialists who can cater for your requirements whether you need implants, orthodontic work, braces, dentures, or general dentistry.

We’ve got you covered.

3> Read our customer testimonials

We’ve got testimonials for all the different types treatments that we offer.  It’s super important that all patients young and old are treated with utmost respect always. This is reflected in our 5-star ratings across all four practices.

You can access the Alton reviews here on our website and here via Google maps

4> Ask About Pricing/Membership

We have designed two membership plans (platinum and gold memberships) that our patients love. Becoming a member gives you complete peace of mind and covers you for your annual assessments and hygiene requirements as well as insurance cover for emergency dentistry, keeping your oral health in tip top condition. You even get a member only discount on treatment, or full cover - the choice is yours. How cool is that?

We also cater for young adults (aged 13-17) and the little ones are taken care of via our dedicated young kids membership

A personal dental treatment plan can be provided to give you a clear idea on how much each specific dental treatment costs.

Remember throughout your life you will make numerous visits to the dentist so it's vitally important that you do not rush, take your time and find the right person (hopefully us 😊) to take care of your teeth.

Book your ULTIMATE Dental Health Check at your local dental clinic here

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