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Be bold and transform your smile with invisible braces (Don’t be Jaws!).

Be bold and transform your smile with invisible braces (Don’t be Jaws!).

Posted on September 22, 2017 by Stephanie Turner in Basingstoke News, Clear Braces, Smile Makeover (clinic: Basingstoke)

There are different kinds of smiles: guarded sort of smiles, hesitant smiles, shy smiles, turned-way smiles and half smiles. No matter how you smile the last thing you want to worry about daily is how your smile appears to friends, family or new work colleagues.

Tonnes of adults and children of all ages desire straighter teeth and the ability to smile without being self conscious. At Envisage we understand why patients are often frightened off by the thought of wearing old fashioned in your face braces. I mean we’ve all seen Jaws in James Bond; it’s not a look that’s caught on or likely to any time soon.

Whilst traditional old fashioned metal braces may not be compatible with a decent selfie fortunately there is another way.

Out of sight, out of mind

It’s very tempting to stay with the old; however, invisible braces remain a remarkable and deceptively affordable way to straighten teeth.

Being invisible to the untrained eye is just one advantage of these braces; these types of braces also often have smaller treatment times (depending on the type and amount of correction required in each individual case).

For example read Jessica’s remarkable story, who opted for a 6 month smile transformation:-

"I had the 6 month smiles treatment and could not be happier. The results were better than I ever expected to achieve within 6 months. They didn't just straighten my teeth, they changed the shape of my smile completely and it's made a huge difference to me, I can now smile confidently with lovely straight white teeth. Awesome work by the team, I would absolutely recommend!"

Embrace invisible braces

When planning your treatment, you can see the eventual outcome of your treatment before it has started. Once the treatment has been completed your teeth will be beautiful, straight and will restore your confidence in your smile.

There are also multiple benefits to having straighter teeth aside from their cosmetic benefits. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean as harmful bacteria have fewer places to build up and multiply. When teeth are straight, brushing is made also more efficient in combating tooth decay.

In order for our teeth to withstand the test of time as we age, they need to work together evenly. When teeth aren’t straight, they are more prone to uneven wear, chipping and even cracking.

With all of these advantages, there's more reason than ever to achieve straighter, healthier looking teeth.

To find out if invisible braces are right for you, get in touch. Request a consultation do discuss your options today

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