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Mortiboys Dental Spa

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We are open early morning, late evenings & Saturday mornings for busy people with busy lives…

We believe it takes time and a labour of love to attract and unite a team of great people and develop robust systems and establish strong foundations, especially in a small village. We are so proud to share our team and centre and NOW the time has come for us to invite you to visit, look around, meet our amazing team and if you are seeking exceptional dental care; join us today! We like to include our patients when planning their treatment throughout their entire experience.


Invisalign cases that start with an iTero scan have seven times fewer fit issues than those started with traditional impressions.

inCheck® treatment plans submitted using iTero scans are typically posted 50% faster than for cases using PVS impressions. Not only that, there are 10 times fewer rejections of iTero scans than traditional impressions.

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Dentist Address: Pheonix House, Forest Rd, East Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 5HE

envisage Mortiboys Dental Spa is open:

  • Monday 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday 8:30am - 6:00pm
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  • Saturday Two days a month

Dr Marc Mortiboys BDS London, Principal Dentist | GDC 61939

Marc has been involved in Dentistry since 1982 and has been passionate about developing a more holistic/integrative approach to Dental Care ever since qualifying in 1987. His eclectic approach to dentistry is a culmination of personal experiences with integrative medicine to help with his Jaw Joint/Migraine issues, intestinal illness from tropical travel, and Hypnotherapy to help with exam nerves, to name a few. His insight into healing took a quantum leap after a powerful near death experience in the Far-East after a serious Typhoid infection in 1990 and spending time with Shamen in the Sumatran jungles.

His goal via establishing a Special Dental and Health Centre of Excellence is to deliver Dental and Whole Body Care with a Special Kind of Magic by addressing the Trinity of Mind, Body and Spirit. He also aims to inspire people to take back control of their Oral and General Health through education and guidance to the Truth that is out there and easy to access in this modern time via the internet.

Early on in his career, Marc set up the The Dental Confidence Centre in Belgravia and featured on ITV. The UK's first designated centre to help people overcome their fear of the Dentist, using Hygnotherapy, Hypnohealing and NLP tools, which was way ahead of its time. Marc's enthusiasm and passion for his profession knows no limit and he has been on numerous radio shows as well as on Channel 5 as a Dental Expert. Marc has also been an advisor to Chelsea FC.

Marc's main focus clinically is holistic smile and bite transformation using mainly Invisalign as well as continuing maintenance programmes for his large dental patient following.

Dr Rajan Patel BDS, MFDRCSIrel, PG Dip Implants, Implant Dentist | GDC 80893

Raj Patel qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2002. He has since held a strong interest in surgical dentistry and oral implantology and has 10 years of hospital experience.

Raj has excellent expertise in surgical-based dentistry, ranging from facial trauma to surgical removal of wisdom teeth.

Highly skilled in implant surgery and bone grafting, Raj achieves satisfaction from patients undergoing these procedures year on year.

Committed to achieving professional excellence, Raj has completed post graduate education in the UK and Ireland and advanced training at the University of Bern in Switzerland. He is interested in learning from global experiences of dentistry and makes numerous visits to dental institutions around the world, including Germany, Canada and the United States of America.

Raj is also involved in mentoring new dentists in placing dental implants and teaching dentists about implant and surgical based dentistry and is a registered speaker for the ITI (International Team for Implantology). He also runs the ITI study club for Croydon which helps promote post graduate education for local and national dentists.

Dr Selina Sufraz TBC, Dentist | GDC No 67352

Selina has been a dentist for over 24 years. Selina graduated from The Royal London Hospital, University of London in 1991 and has undertaken extensive training, in aesthetic and restorative dentistry. She undertakes regular training in all aspects of dentistry and first aid.

She has worked in a variety of practices including London's Harley Street, treating families to City workers; finally settling in South London to own and run 2 successful private practices, in the City and in Wandsworth Common.

Selina loves straightening out smiles with discreet braces and preventative general dentistry using the least invasive techniques to preserve teeth, and is passionate about her work. She has helped patients reduce snoring with special night splints and has reduced many patients grinding habits, which had caused headaches and neck ache.

She likes to treat all patients in the same manner that she would like to be treated herself. Selina will explain all treatments and listen to your concerns and work with you to come up with a dental plan to give you healthy and great looking teeth and gums, at a pace and price that you can cope with. Selina is a gentle, kind dentist who will treat you as an individual and is committed to giving you the best advice for your circumstances. Selina's patients have found that they have great trust in her.

Dr Ayesha Halim BDS Cardiff, Dentist | GDC No 73191

Ayesha has over 20 years of experience within Dentistry and strives to provide the highest quality of care for her patients in an honest, professional and empathetic manner. Currently she is working in General Dental Practice and as a Staff Grade in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery department at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust. She has also worked in oral and maxillofacial surgery within various hospitals and community dental services (children/adults with special needs, home visits and school screening visits).

Ayesha has developed a special interest in facial aesthetics and is a qualified aesthetic practitioner. She has been carrying out treatments since 2012, including dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and more recently platelet rich plasma treatments (vampire facials). She is passionate about helping her patients achieve a naturally rejuvenated appearance with a bespoke approach, tailoring the treatments to individual wants and needs. Most importantly, Ayesha is an ethical practitioner placing the well-being and safety of patients first and foremost in any treatment process.

Outside of work Ayesha enjoys spending time with her family and 2 young children, doing yoga and trying to keep fit! My dream is to have my own craft studio so that I can pursue my love of handicrafts, in particular paper crafting.

Dr Rebecca Wilkinson BDS London, Dentist | GDC number: 64979

Rebecca Wilkinson qualified at Guy’s Hospital, London in 1989 with honours in Dental Surgery. Vastly experienced in general dental practice, Rebecca previously ran her own busy dental practice in Horsham until choosing to sell her practice in order to devote more time to her young family.

Rebecca joined the Mortiboys team in 2007 and is highly valued for her outstanding dental care. Her bright and positive demeanour is a delight to be around for colleagues and patients alike.

She has a passion for all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest in root canal therapy.

Apart from first class dentistry, Rebecca’s other passion is her children and family, before their arrival she was rumoured to have enjoyed a spot of adventure travel and skiing! Rebecca was the treasurer of the Southern Counties Branch of BDA’s young practitioners for five years. After which she became a committee member and then sponsorship secretary of the mid surrey section of the Southern Counties Branch of BDA, also for five years

Clare Wood TBC, Hygiene Director / Therapist : GDC 5472

Clare qualified in 1999 as a dental hygienist and therapist from the Royal London Dental Hospital. Since then she has enjoyed a varied career in dentistry working with a hospital, private and specialist practice environment.

Clare’s particular interest is in treating patients with advanced gum disease and those who are a little nervous and Clare’s gentle style and relax approach makes her ideal for putting patients at ease while achieving results.

Outside work Clare enjoys baking, and spending time with her family. Clare can often be found providing a taxi service for her two children!

Lindsey Salvidge Hygienist, Diploma in Dental Hygiene, Hygienist | GDC Number 6718

Lindsey began her career in dentistry by nursing in 1997. Drawn towards periodontology, Lindsey decided to train as a hygienist at King’s College London qualifying in 2005 and went on to work for a successful corporate dental company before joining Mortiboys in 2008. Lindsey works hard to build a trusting relationship with her patients and maintains hygiene programmes tailored to each individual.

Lindsey’s gentle style and serene persona make her ideal for putting nervous patients at ease as well as providing a calming influence within the practice! Her passion for natural health and nutrition, which she studies, proves to be very useful when advising patients of the effects of their diet on their dental health.

Outside working hours, Lindsey can often be found brushing up on her Italian, working out with her personal trainer or soaking up some culture at the theatre.

Anna Xanthos TBC, Hygienist | GDC Number 5923

Anna qualified at the Eastman Dental Hospital in 2001. Anna has been helping patients in private practices around Surrey for the last 10 years. Anna's charming and easy-going manner will put even the most nervous patient at ease.

Outside work, Anna enjoys to swimming, tennis and spending time with family and friends.

Dr Kia Papagalani DipDS Athens 1986, GDC No: 228487

Dr. Kia Papagalani has been delivering premium orthodontic care for more than 27 years. Her extensive experience and enthusiasm enable her to excel at the orthodontic treatments with Invisalign aligners and Insignia Advanced Smile design Custom made braces.

She focuses as a specialist Orthodontist on providing the highest quality of orthodontic care and successfully manages challenging, complex and multidisciplinary cases by using and combining the latest and most advanced orthodontic techniques with special Invisalign methods for teens and adults.

Her commitment to providing the best orthodontic treatment is supported by her ongoing professional development and training and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and methods.

Dr. Kia is also an experienced and Premier Provider of a wide range of modern and custom-made braces besides Invisalign clear aligners for teens and adults. Her special interests include smile architecture and aesthetics, non-extraction treatments and facial-driven orthodontics.

World-class dental care options

Mortiboys - Bridges

A bridge consists of a replacement tooth fitted to crowns on either side (or both sides) of a space. The base of the bridge is often made from a precious metal and has porcelain bonded to its visible areas. Once the bridge has been fitted it is difficult to distinguish from a row of natural teeth.

With this solution, you can fill any gaps in your teeth with a strong, durable and attractive restoration. Like crowns, bridges are hand crafted to give the most lifelike and natural appearance.

Mortiboys - Cosmetic Dentistry


A good smile shows happiness, goodwill, vitality, confidence, success, friendship, positivity, power, brightness and beauty.


Although a vast number of people understand the importance of a good smile, only half feel that their smile makes the grade

  • 92.5% of people agree that an attractive smile is an important social asset
  • 74% of people agree that an unattractive smile can compromise a person’s chance for career success
  • 50% of people are dissatisfied with their smile


Do you feel awkward or self-conscious about your smile?

Do you cover your mouth or teeth when you laugh, talk or smile?

When you have your photo taken do you close your mouth?

Do you hate close up photos?

Ladies – Do you avoid wearing bright lipstick which draws attention to your mouth?

Gentlemen – Have you ever grown a beard or moustache to help hide you smile?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the above questions, then cosmetic dentistry can help to improve your smile



Many people have amalgam (silver) or gold fillings. Although strong they are unsightly and furthermore amalgam tends to discolour your teeth over time.

Tooth coloured fillings are known as composite fillings, made from a putty-like resin based material that can be moulded to the exact shape of the tooth and set using a visible blue light. These are lifelike and long lasting.

White fillings are the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure.



Porcelain veneers are ideal for creating beautiful smiles in cases of small, oddly shaped, or discoloured teeth. With this procedure you will be involved directly in your own design process in reshaping, widening and brightening your smile, thus ensuring total satisfaction.

We can place temporary bonding for 2-3 weeks to protect your teeth and to create the blueprint for your new smile.

The skins of porcelain are then fused to the teeth enabling normal social and eating activities to resume immediately.



Cosmetic contouring is one of the available instant treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Dental contouring can even be a substitute for braces under certain circumstances.

It is a procedure of subtle changes utilising gentle abrasives and lamination. A few millimetres of reduction or expansion can create a beautiful smile when performed by a cosmetic dentist, usually without the need for anaesthetic



White teeth help you smile with confidence. Everyday use of coffee, soda and staining foods can dull and darken your teeth.

Teeth whitening treatments that we offer lighten discolourations of your teeth giving you your natural whitest shade. This can be done using 2 different methods, which are outlined here.


After your initial assessment with the Tooth Whitening Dentist, we will book an appointment in our Effingham based practice to take impressions of your teeth and have your custom whitening trays made.

At your second visit, you will be fitted with take home whitening trays as well as being given your Nite White® or Day White® whitening gel and specific instructions on how to administer the bleaching gel and how often to wear the trays.

By following the whitening directions and continuing proper oral hygiene through brushing and flossing, your teeth will be lifted to their natural whitest shade.
Treatment usually has maximum results when carried out over 10-14 days.

Ask one of our team how you can book for a consultation to find out how teeth whitening can give you your perfect smile!

Mortiboys - Crowns

For many years, traditional crowns have been used to strengthen teeth that are heavily filled, weakened or darkened due to root canal therapy, but thanks to new technology, porcelain crowns can look better than your own teeth!

Dental crowns fit on top of a prepared tooth (hence why they are often called ‘caps’) giving the shape, colour and contour of a real tooth. Normally crowns can be fitted over the course of two appointments.

Mortiboys - Dental Implants

Missing teeth can lead to a lack of confidence about your smile as well as the weakening of surrounding teeth and deterioration of bone structure resulting in the loss of facial contours and teeth.

Long gone are the days when our only option after tooth loss was to wear a denture or have a bridge made. These options are adequate and functional in most cases, however, we now have the technology to place a permanent fixture in the mouth which will feel and perform like a natural tooth.

Dentures can cause discomfort and embarrassment and bridges can be difficult to clean and cause damage to neighbouring teeth which is why many people are now choosing to have permanent implants.

With modern technology, dental implant crowns are indistinguishable from natural teeth and you will have the confidence to eat anything you like – no need to avoid those steaks, apples or crusty bread!

Dental Implants also have a 95% success rate after 10 years, making them one of the most predictable treatment options.


STEP1 – FREE CONSULTATION with Implant Coordinator

You will have the opportunity to discuss the process using examples of previous cases. Photographic records of your current dentition will be made and you will be given estimated costs of treatment. You are under no obligation to continue with treatment after this consultation. Click here to contact us.


This appointment allows us to obtain more detailed records of your jaw, diagnostic impressions will be taken, as well as X-rays and in some cases a CT scan is required. We will follow this appointment up with a letter and comprehensive treatment plan.


This will normally be done under local anaesthetic; however, there is the option of IV sedation. The implant is placed in your jaw with a healing cap and left to heal for up to 12 weeks.


Impressions for the crown are taken once the implant has healed sufficiently. 2 weeks after the crown prep, we will book an appointment to fit the crown.


Mortiboys - Dentures

Dentures have come a long way since the simple plastic ones were first invented.

If you have full dentures then you could benefit from an implant stabilisation bar, which holds the denture firmly in place. There are high-quality teeth for a natural look and new techniques to make your denture fit and work more comfortably and efficiently.

Mortiboys - Fillings


Many people have amalgam (silver) or gold fillings. Although strong they are unsightly and furthermore amalgam tends to discolour your teeth over time.

Tooth coloured fillings are known as composite fillings, made from a putty-like resin based material that can be moulded to the exact shape of the tooth and set using a visible blue light. These are lifelike and long lasting.

White fillings are the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure.


An inlay is a filling made in the dental laboratory. The dentist prepares your tooth and takes an impression; following this a temporary filling is put into the tooth until the inlay has been made.

The inlay is constructed from porcelain, this makes it strong and very natural looking. Inlays last longer than white fillings and are recommended for larger cavities where white fillings would not be strong enough.

Mortiboys - Nervous Patients


For some people it relates to a bad experience as a child while visiting the dentist.

The dentist surgery can be a scary place to a child often with menacing face masks, weird clothes and lots of strange machinery. Some dentists are very good at dealing with the technical stuff but forget about the human touch and not all dentists are naturally good with children. This can lead to awkward moments where children are graphically told about the dangers of not brushing properly and losing all their teeth or having fillings. Is it any wonder then that we have hang ups as adults?

A very common nightmare is when people dream their teeth are falling out. This usually means the person is feeling anxious about something and is feeling vulnerable or out of control of a situation, it can also reflect low self-esteem and lack of confidence. If this has been an issue for you then walking into a dentist surgery can bring back those subconscious feelings.

Laying on a couch with your mouth open whist being poked and prodded with sharp objects is bound to make us feel vulnerable as we are powerless to the dentist and their tools. Because of this it is vital that we have a high level of trust between dentist and patient. This can significantly affect the mental state of the patient before, during and after the appointment.

At Mortiboys, we want you to have a positive experience with us both in and out of the chair. We try to make our rooms friendly and inviting and not too clinical. The staff are more than happy to talk you through your plan and support you in any way they can to offer reassurance and knowledge about your treatment.

With our Nervous Patient Programme we can also help with those emotional hang ups using complementary therapies:


Have a consultation with our therapist Sonja to find the right remedy to match your emotional state and anxieties. Take for a week leading up to your treatment.


Have a session immediately before your appointment to calm the nerves and help keep you relaxed while you are with the dentist. Alternatively have Reiki after your treatment to wash away any stress and bring you back to a peaceful state.


If you are undergoing a long procedure in the chair you might want to book a massage straight after to help with the stiff neck muscles and to help relax you after a stressful visit. Alternatively, a massage before an appointment can help to take your mind off things if you find you are fidgety or pacing around waiting to be seen.

This will all help to reinforce the idea that a trip to the dentist can be an enjoyable, relaxing time and you can look forward to coming to us time and time again.



At Mortiboys Dental Spa in Surrey we work hard to ensure that undergoing treatment is a positive and relaxed experience. However, we also understand that, for some patients, just entering the dental surgery is a traumatic situation. Our highly experienced and compassionate Dental Team, has a wealth of experience in working with patients to help them manage their anxiety. We make use of a range of techniques to ensure that treatment is more relaxing:

  • Understanding the issues – Being nervous about going to the dentist can have a variety of causes. Perhaps you are worried that the treatment will hurt, or maybe the smells and sounds of the practice remind you of unpleasant childhood experiences! Once we have identified your specific concerns, we can work with you to find the best approach for addressing the situation and put your mind at ease!
  • Using distraction techniques – Sometimes patients prefer to distance themselves from what is happening by listening to music, so feel free to bring an MP3 player along to the practice! However, another approach is to have the practitioner describing to you exactly what they are doing while they treat you. It is totally up to you as the individual and what approach you will find most helpful. Just let us know!

  • Pacing your treatment – We are more than happy to let you take one step at a time with a flexible treatment schedule. You may wish to have a series of progressive appointments; starting with discussing your plans with the dentist and having an examination; then perhaps visiting the hygienist; then moving on to the treatment as and when you feel comfortable and ready to do so. Furthermore, when in the chair, treatment can be stopped if you feel you need a break, just by making an allocated signal. As there is usually no need to hurry through treatment, do not be afraid to say when you have had enough.

Most importantly, help us protect your smile! It is vital that you attend regular visits to the dentist and hygienist. Through an established regime of preventative care, we can reduce the probability of tooth decay and gum disease occurring, therefore minimising the need for further intervention and safeguarding your smile!

For more information please visit


We also make use of our understanding of how other therapies can be used to eliminate a patients’ dental anxiety, promote healing and reduce any unwanted side-effects of treatment. Moreover, we can use a variety of methods of sedation (intravenous, gas and air), or recommend E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), counselling or a course of hypnotherapy to overcome your fears.

Mortiboys - TMJ and Splint Therapy


TMJ disorder, which afflicts the temporomandibular joint, can negatively affect sufferers in a number of different ways. To begin, the pain and discomfort of TMJ syndrome is a constant annoyance. Over time, the pain may become nearly unbearable, requiring prescription medication for simple relief. Additionally, TMJ symptoms affect any activity that involves the jaw. This means that activities that are normally undertaken many times each day, such as talking and eating, can become an uncomfortable ordeal to the TMJ sufferer. In the past, people with TMJ problems often resigned themselves to suffer in silence rather than undergo costly and potentially risky surgical procedures to fix their bite. However, with the help of a skilled TMJ dentist, you have options. One excellent treatment option for TMJ syndrome is splint therapy. Splint therapy aims to correct the patient’s bite without surgery, through the use of dental appliances that align the jaw gradually over time.

Many people who have TMJ problems grind their teeth in their sleep. To solve this problem, their doctor or dentist may suggest the use of a night guard or mouth guard, which is a plastic guard that protects the teeth from the damage inflicted by repeated grinding motions. Splint therapy should not be confused with the use of night guards. To begin, these splints, usually made of plastic and often referred to as orthotic devices, are worn on a daily basis, rather than simply at night. In addition, the purpose of splint therapy differs from that of the night guard. While night guards seek to protect teeth, splints aim to gently force the jaw into a more natural and comfortable position in order to alleviate TMJ symptoms. The goal is to create a bite that allows the temporomandibular joint to remain in its socket when all of the teeth come together, and to make sure that all of the teeth come together at the same time. With regular use and careful adjustment by a qualified TMJ dentist, these splints can be used to produce permanent results, all but curing patients of their TMJ problems.

There are several different kinds of splints that can be used for TMJ splint therapy. Some splints are worn on the upper teeth, while others are worn on the lower teeth. Generally, lower teeth splints are preferred, simply because most patients find them more comfortable and more conducive to speech – a concern that is of particular importance when the device is to be worn 24 hours a day. There are also partial coverage and full coverage splints. While partial coverage splints are worn over only the back or front teeth, splints that provide full coverage are worn over all of the teeth. This allows the dentist who is overseeing the splint therapy more control over the creation of the new bite, and lessens the chances that the teeth or jaw could shift over time. Finally, there are directive and permissive splints. While directive splints hold the jaw in a fixed position, permissive splints allow it to find its own position and move more smoothly and naturally. Permissive splints are a more modern alternative that many patients find less restrictive and easier to wear on a daily basis.

We are pleased to announce that we are now working with Dr Julian Keel BSc. D.C (Chiropractor to Pat Cash, Dean Macey, and Formula 1 Racing Drivers Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya). Julian will be predominantly be working with Marc Mortiboys in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from TMD issues. Click here to find out more about Julian.


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