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West Moors - Smile Team

Welcome to Envisage Dental in West Moors (formerly The Smile Team Studios)

The Smile Team's private cosmetic dental practice has been established over 30 years and has a reputation of being at the forefront of the dental health revolution. Featured on television introducing computer designed (Cerec) same day crowns, the team has received many awards for its dentistry and service to patients.

At The Smile Team, we like to make sure your oral health and dental wellbeing are our top priority. We have a dedicated team of very experienced Private dentists and nurses to help you and look after you in a caring environment. The team has experienced dental surgeons, dental hygiene therapist and excellent support staff. We welcome new patients, particularly those referred to us by people happy with the service we provide.

Mums, dads, kids, grandparents, no matter who you are, we can help you.  We offer a full range of treatments, so if you are just looking for a professional opinion, or a full Smile Makeover, come and discuss your options with us. Our Dental Practice is in West Moors, Dorset, and has plenty of parking.

Call us on 01202 87105301202 871053

email us on[email protected]

Dentist Address: 212 Station Rd, West Moors, Ferndown BH22 0JD | t: 01202 871053

envisage West Moors - Smile Team is open:

  • Monday .......................................... 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Tuesday ......................................... 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday .................................. 8.30am to 4pm
  • Thursday ....................................... 8.30am to 8pm
  • Friday ............................................. 8.30am to 3pm
  • Saturday ....................................... Upon Request
  • Sunday & Bank Holidays ........ Closed

Dr Terry Moon B.D.S (Rand) 1988 | GDC No. 65208, Dentist

Zelal Güngör Oral Surgery, Dentist | GDC Number

Jude Temple-Edwards GDC No. 108226, Business Manager

Jennie Birch GDC No. 136623, Hygienist Therapist

Melanie Tyerman GDC No. 136579, Qualified Dental Nurse

Sue Collinson GDC No. 123132, Qualified Dental Nurse

Michelle GDC No. 246453, Qualified Dental Nurse

Jenny Hiett ,, Receptionist

Dentistry with clear results

West Moors Fees - Smile Team

prices from


New Patient ULTIMATE Dental Health Check

£90 - £136




Dental Health Check

£70 - £91


Hygienist (30 mins)

£67 - £102


Small x-ray



Full mouth x-ray




£120 - £150




Root Filling Incisor









Fillings (Amalgam)



Fillings (White)





Full Acrylic Denture (per arch)



Partial Chrome Denture (per arch)






Implant and tooth



Sinus Lift



Bone Graft





Tooth Whitening (Premium - Enlighten)



Tooth Coloured Crown



Cosmetic Fillings






Same Day Crown





Six Month Smiles









Inman Aligner
















Lip Plumping



Wrinkle Reduction





Existing Patients



New Patients










A: £15
B: £20



A: £10
B: £15

Smile Team - Bite Guards

We will usually be told if our snoring disturbs others but most of us who grind or clench our teeth at night are not aware of it.

Clenching and grinding

Clenching and grinding can result in severe wear and cracking of our teeth. Headaches and Migraines can also be common symptoms of night time bruxing. There are a number of treatments available and we offer a range of appliances to suit your individual needs.

Snoring and sleep apnoea.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) occurs when the soft tissue in a person’s throat repeatedly collapses and blocks the airway during sleep.

These partial reductions and complete pauses in breathing typically last between 10 and 30 seconds, but can persist for one minute or longer. These pauses can happen hundreds of times a night, leading to abrupt reductions in blood oxygen levels. The brain alerts the body to its lack of oxygen, causing a brief arousal from sleep that restores normal breathing.

The result is a fragmented quality of sleep that often leads to excessive daytime sleepiness. Most people with OSA snore loudly and frequently, with periods of silence when airflow is reduced or blocked. They then make choking, snorting or gasping sounds when their airway reopens.

How does an oral appliance work?

Custom made oral appliances reposition the tongue and lower jaw forward during sleep to maintain an open airway. Dentists trained in dental sleep medicine know how to select, fabricate, fit, and adjust these devices, which look like mouth guards, to help patients breathe freely during sleep. Follow-up visits and post-adjustment sleep studies help dentists determine if oral appliance therapy is effectively treating their patients’ sleep apnoea.

Who should use an oral appliance?

Oral Appliance Therapy is indicated for snoring and mild to moderate OSA patients if they prefer it to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), the standard treatment therapy, cannot tolerate CPAP, or are unable to use positional therapy or weight loss to control their apnoea. Oral appliances are also recommended for severe OSA patients if they cannot tolerate CPAP. Patients with severe OSA should always try CPAP before considering oral appliance therapy.

Smile Team - Full Assesment

Regular Dental Examinations or Dental Check ups are important to maintain your dental health. This means that simple problems can either be monitored or treated early on in order prevent more complicated and potentially costly treatment.

If you are a regular patient with us you will be aware of how careful and thorough our Dental examinations are. As a New Patient attending for your first examination we will spend time understanding your dental needs and we will be able to advise on and treat any problems or disease found.

As well as a full examination of your gums and teeth your assessment will check your Jaw joints and soft tissues, including a cancer screening. We will record your existing teeth and any treatment you have had done and take any Dental X-rays needed. Putting this all together with your ideas of what you would like for your future dental health we will design a Dental Health plan for you.

This may be something simple and often might involve seeing our gentle Dental Hygienist on a regular basis to help you maintain your gums, the foundation of your teeth. Sealants on childrens back molar teeth are painless and easy to do and can help avoid decay in future.

If a weak spot has formed you may be able to keep it healthy or reverse the lesion using a good Fluoride toothpaste. If the decay has gone too far or become soft possibly a small filling might be needed. More complex plans may involve larger fillings for deep decay, or Crowns or Bridges to close gaps when teeth have been lost or heavily filled in the past.

Even heavily filled teeth can often be saved, sometimes Root Canal treatment can be carried out to treat a dental abscess or dying nerve. Missing teeth can be replaced with Bridges or Implants. Dentures can also be a solution but need to be kept very clean and in good order so as not to affect the health of the gums around any remaining teeth.

Whatever your needs are we can help you formulate the best plan that suits you and help you achieve a healthy and good looking smile. Payment plans are available often with staged payments and this can help spread the cost of treatment. All payment plans need to be agreed with the practice on an individual basis.

Smile Team - Happy Air
Happy Air

You Do ever

  • Get anxious about your dental visits?
  • Know that you need dental treatment but worry that you won’t be able to cope?
  • Get stressed to the point of physical upset? (raised heart rate etc)
  • Remember uncomfortable, even painful sessions in the past? (elsewhere of course!)
  • Have fears going back as far as childhood visits to the school dentist?

Introducing you to “Happy Air!”

“Happy Air” also known as ‘Giggle Gas’ is gently breathed through a small nose piece and allows you to completely relax. You feel as though you are floating on air and are totally at ease with its very pleasant calming sensation .

“Happy Air” consists of Nitrous Oxide (N20) + Oxygen (02). Low levels of Nitrous Oxide provide a high level of analgesia (pain relief) and sedation. It is carefully “fine tuned” to just the right level for you.

It has been used safely for over 50 years and is very popular in the United States for dental anxiety control.

EXPERIENCE it for FREE and see how it can help!

  • FREE 15 minute introduction sessions of this modern light sedation / analgesia technique.
  • Its completely safe.
  • Fast recovery time and normally able to drive within 30 minutes! (some individuals may vary).

To take up this offer contact The Smile Team to make this free introductory appointment for you.

If you find ‘Happy Air’ really helps you we can use it for your future dental appointments.

Fees for ‘Happy Air’ inhalation sedation vary per session depending on the time taken and treatments planned.

Smile Team - Hygienist Services

As part of your regular care you should see the Hygiene Therapist periodically to help maintain the health of yours gums. Each of us as an individual will need a different frequency of visit. We all build up stain and hard tartar under and around the gum to a lesser or greater degree. This tartar can trap bacteria under the gum line causing damage to our gums and bone and this can lead to tooth loss from periodontal disease.

You might need to visit the Hygiene Therapist only once or twice a year or if needed 3 to 4 times a year depending on how healthy your gums are.

Many of us will find a 6 monthly Check up and Hygienist visit is just right but some of us may have more severe gum problems or may be more susceptible to gum disease. Sometimes for patients with gum disease a 3 or 4 monthly interval is recommended especially at first if you have not had regular hygienist visits before. 

A change in our medical condition, such as diabetes, may also affect our general health and this is no exception when it comes to our mouths. If you build up very little tartar and have no gum disease then a 9 monthly or yearly visit might suit you better but even regular visits to the Hygienist will not be enough to look after your teeth for the rest of your life.

Your daily cleaning routine will be what ultimately decides how healthy your teeth stay and how long you keep them. We will recommend certain brushes and toothpastes to look after your mouth and also what sort of inter-dental cleaners might be good. Handy inter-dental brushes such as TePe or Wisdom can be very useful and easier than dental floss, while dental flossettes such as the Glide range are excellent and make flossing easy even at the back of the mouth.  For your convenience we have many of these items in stock. Talk to your Hygienist about which ones to purchase from us at your next visit.

Your Hygienist will be able to guide you on how often to attend and can often recommend and carry out treatments such as Dental Whitening.

Smile Team - Implant Retained Dentures
Implant Dentures

A classic dental problem – the loose lower denture – and its solution.When there is very thin lower gum ridge the denture proves very unstable and makes life a misery for the wearer. This is solved for ever using 4 to 6 Mini Ball implants in lower jaw to anchor the denture very rigidly. For upper dentures the retention is so good that the conventional full palate coverage is no longer necessary and the shape can be the same as a lower denture – just a ‘horseshoe’ arch of teeth – excellent news for those with an active ‘gag’ reflex.

Implants for dentures can be of the bar or ball type. The ball type uses a corresponding housing  to secure it in the denture.


I had a new upper implant (x 4) retained denture. I am very comfortable with the new implant retained denture. They don’t wiggle around like the old ones and it is very easy to eat with them – I’ve even had hard chocolaty things! It also feels very nice not to have a palate on the denture and I can taste again. The old denture was increasing in size as I had more teeth added and retaining wires but the new ones feel so slim in comparison. I’m very happy! Cyril D.R.
Dear Terry and all the girls
I will never beable to thank you enoughfor making me feel so at ease the day I had my treatment, the care and attention and time you gave to me making my implants and denture to fit so perfectly I feel like a million dollars they look and feel fantastic I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I smile with confidence which I have not been able to do for a long time. I have had so many compliments a very big thank you to you all. From one who can’t stop smiling - Elle
Smile Team - Implants

Dental Implants are :

  • made of Titanium and are used as an artificial tooth root
  • placed where teeth are missing they are ‘implanted’ into the jaw bone
  • the jaw bone unites with the Titanium (osseointegration) giving a very strong structure
  • they can support individual crowns or bridges
  • they can solve the problem of loose dentures
  • they avoid preparing sound teeth for bridges

We also offer the latest in dental implants from the leading British company Osteocare with economic pricing.

Implants are placed where teeth are missing to provide new roots on which a crown or bridge is supported.

Implants may also be used for stabilising dentures.

Smile Team - Invisible Braces

We have been amazed at the fantastic results of the New Cfast Invisible brace system. Teeth that have been crooked for years have begun to straighten within weeks! Add this to Invisible Braces and you really do have a great way to straighten those teeth you've always wanted treated but didn't want to spend forever doing it.

Option 1

Cfast Fixed Invisible Braces - the Orthodontics you don't see! Even Brackets and wires are invisible now without that dark metal look and uncomfortable lingual brackets can be avoided too! The Dentists at the Smile Team use Cfast Invisible Braces and also Smile Tru Clear Aligners.  These are often able to treat a wider variety of cases and faster than Invislign. To put it simply Cfast is a way of achieving a Beautiful Smile really quickly and invisibly! Smile Tru aligners are invisible and slower but are removable. Whether you choose clear brackets or aligners  they are all still invisible!  

Option 2

Cfast and Smile Tru Clear Removable Aligners are wafer thin and made of a transparent medical grade plastic.

They are designed so that you wear each positioner for approximately two to four weeks. Little by little they gently move your teeth from their present to your desired position, as you work through the steps. They are very comfortable and don’t impact on your speech, but importantly, are removable so you can take them out for an important business meeting or a hot date! The System is comprised of a number of different invisible methods that we use in conjunction with clear positioners.  They do take longer than the fixed Invisible Braces but if being removable is more important to you than speed then this is also a great system!

Smile Team - Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment is often needed when the nerve of a tooth either begins to die causing pain or a dead nerve results in an infection around the tip of the root. This can lead to swelling and pain in the jaw and gum around the tooth. Once a nerve is dead often the only other choice is extraction but this leaves spaces and allows teeth to drift resulting in bite problems and most likely other cracked teeth.

Here we can see an infection under two teeth appearing as dark areas at the tip of the roots. One tooth, the smaller premolar, has had an unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment done in the past where not all the dead nerve was cleaned away and then this results in a poor seal not properly done right to the tip of the root.  The larger molar tooth has had deep filling work and more decay near the nerve causing it to die.

To be successful a Root Canal Treatment needs to be done thoroughly so that as much old nerve tissue can be cleaned from the root system of the tooth. Here are the same two teeth just after re-Root Canal Treating the Premolar tooth and Root Canal Treating the molar tooth, carefully cleaning out the dead nerve tissue and then carefully sealing the clean canals to the tip of the roots.

Fortunately these days with modern techniques Root Canal Treatment is normally painless and has a very high success rate when done with care. Very often Root Canal Treating a tooth means it can be saved, often for many more years. If the teeth are back teeth or heavily filled then a protective Crown will often be recommended to prevent the tooth cracking.

If a tooth is not suitable or healthy enough for Root Canal Treatment then other options such as Implants, Bridgework or Dentures can be considered.

Smile Team - Same Day Crowns & Inlays
Same Day Crowns and Inlays

If you break or crack a tooth, or need a large filling replaced, often you will need a stronger material than normal white filling if you want it to last a long time. Using the advanced CEREC 3D system we can repair or rebuild your tooth on the same day with a Crown (or filling called an Inlayor Overlay) without taking impressions.


We can make Same Day Crowns and Inlays or Overlays using the latest in Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture (CADCAM). Within ONE appointment we can produce beautiful restorations using the world exclusive system of CEREC 3D Design. The system uses a range of beautiful tooth coloured Ceramics that are very durable and can be colour matched to suit your teeth and smile. These Same day Crowns and Inlays eliminate the need for messy impressions, and a second fitting visit, making it more convenient for you.

Crowns and Overlays will strengthen your teeth and protect them from further fractures and the potential for nerve damage and tooth loss. CEREC Inlays have the advantage that they will normally outlast white fillings.

Smile Team - White Composite Fillings
The Smile Team believes:
• We should fully inform our patients of the facts about mercury containing amalgams.
• Amalgams are old dental materials with far better alternatives. We stopped using them 14 years ago.
• They contain a serious toxic poison – mercury which continually releases into vital body tissues. Evidence is growing of potential harm to health.
Smile Team - White Fillings

Dental amalgam fillings have been used to repair teeth damaged by decay since the early 1800’s. They are made from a silver-tin alloy mixed with mercury to form an ‘amalgam’. This is placed in the tooth and over a few hours sets to repair the damage caused by decay.

Problem 1
They can crack teeth after being in place for several years. They then have expanded sufficiently under bite loading to crack teeth. Frequently the fillings also fracture and fall out.

Problem 2

Amalgam fillings look dark and unattractive. They begin to leak at the worn edges and decay is often found alongside or beneath old fillings. If the decay is alongside the filling even check-up X-rays may not show the decay clearly.

Problem 3

Amalgam fillings give off Mercury vapour and this is increased with hot drinks and chewing. This vapour is invisble to the naked eye but can be measured using a Mercury Vapour Analyser. While there is very little evidence to show what harm low levels of vapour may do to the body, Mercury itself is considered a poison and is now banned in many countries in things like Thermometers.

In the UK Dental amalgam is classified as hazardous waste and includes amalgam in any form and materials contaminated with amalgam. Dental Clinics have to have special equipment called Amalgam Separators to collect waste Amalgam and prevent it entering the environment. It is difficult to see how Amalgam can be considered safe in your mouth but everywhere else it is considered as Hazardous waste!

Will my health be improved if they are removed?

• Certainly your dental health will improve with much lessened risk of tooth   fracture, pain and possible tooth loss associated with this.

• Your teeth will have restored cosmetics with the proper shape and colour.

• The potential mercury harm will be removed.

Smile Team - Whitening

Are you concerned about the colour of your teeth? Do you hide your smile? Have you a special occasion coming up and want your teeth to sparkle? Choose from :

1.Chair-side Whitening (rapid)  
2.Home Whitening (slower)

For chair-side whitening we use Zoom! which is the World's leading tooth whitening system  as seen on "Extreme Makeover". In under two hours your teeth can become dramatically whiter with this fast, effective and safe chair-side procedure. This is the ideal treatment for those busy individuals who want an immediate result with minimum fuss.

Zoom ! whitening system uses a light activated gel which is supervised by the dentist. After a short preparation to cover the lips and gums the gel is applied to the teeth. The Zoom light is then initiated. This aids in activating the gel and penetrating the enamel and dentine of the teeth to break down stains and discolouration. This achieves a rapid result which can be enhanced, if desired using the complimentary home trays supplied.

We look forward to seeing you for your next Dental Examination! We are conveniently located in West Moors, just off the A31, close to Ferndown and Bournemouth.

Become a GOLD member & save 10%

Our GOLD Members enjoy 10% off all treatment as well as complimentary 2 x Dental Health Checks and 2 x Hygiene cleans each year. Members also benefit from nationwide emergency cover, redundancy cover, implant cover, worldwide cover and supplementary insurance.


PLATINUM Membership

Our PLATINUM Members can join our plan upon assessment. Based on the condition of your oral health, membership and insurance plans vary from £20 to £60 per month. Members receive full dental care under the plan so you have peace of mind you are covered for all your dental needs.



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