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Ben's experience at envisage

Ben had not been to the dentist for some time and had put off the event given everything seemed fine with his teeth. After 3 years of neglect, Ben decided he must visit the dentist and decided to book his Dental Health Check with envisage.

What we did

Ben had a Full Dental Health Check for 30 minutes where the dentist charted each tooth on our state of the art software system and used digital X-Rays to understand the condition of Ben's oral health. A full smile check was also conducted to ensure we understand what Ben wanted to achieve in the short and long term as well as how we can help keep teeth his healthy for life. We also discussed our membership programs to help Ben visit regularly and stay up to date.


Ben had a full review and needed no treatment! He no longer felt nervous about future appointments because of his positive experience and immediately booked another Dental Health Check for 6 months, as advised by his dentist.

Ben's Story

"I hadn't gone for a check-up in more than 3 years. I kept saying I needed to, but why go if there's nothing wrong? I had no sensitivity or spotting but I thought I should 'go!', so I did! I came in to have a Dental Health check along with a scale and polish with the Hygienist. I enjoyed the experience! Not many people would say that about the dentist, especially me! My dentist at envisage was excellent, he was very pleasant and after my check I was informed no treatment was needed. Everyone at envisage made me feel at ease. Once home I immediately recommended envisage to my friend who also hasn't been to the dentist for ages!"

Stay inspired with regular visits

After each visit to envisage we like to book the next visit in our diary. We know how busy life can become, and so we want to help our patients by scheduling your visits early and offering free email and SMS reminders (or post and telephone if you prefer). This way you get to look and feel good all year round and not be surprised with any big treatment requirements

Book your ULTIMATE Dental Health Check at your local dental clinic

Find out more about how we can help you

Clean & Polish

Our team of Dental Hygienists will scale and polish your teeth thoroughly within a 30 minute or 60 minute dental hygienist appointment. If you clean your teeth very thoroughly anyway, your scale and polish will take less time. All of our dental hygienists are specially trained for this type of cleaning of your teeth.

Scaling removes the hard tartar which forms on your teeth like scale inside a kettle. You can't remove it just by brushing your teeth. Scaling also removes trapped food and plaque containing millions of germs, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine are also cleaned away when your dentist polishes your teeth.

General Dentistry

Prevention is better than cure and the area of general dentistry starts with our Hygienists and Dentists stabilizing your oral health. We recommend our patients join our membership scheme to ensure they visit the dentist and hygienist twice a year as a minimum to ensure we stay on top of your dental health.

Our hygienist will ensure they clean & polish teeth regularly as well as stay on top of any gum disease and stain removal. Our dentists will keep an eye on any problems in the mouth to try avoid any dental fillings, tooth extractions, pick up on toothwear & TMJ and administer any mouth guards or splints where necessary.

Teeth Whitening

Modern dentistry means that a bright and confident smile is now an accessible and affordable luxury for everyone. Tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to refresh and transform your smile – resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance. Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results can be seen from the first application.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and special trays will be made for you. Your dentist will supply you with a home whitening kit, show you how to use it and give you full instructions. After a 2 or 3 week period, depending on your requirements your dentist will then review your whitening progress. Tooth whitening is safe and suitable for use on the majority of people. It is normally possible to remove stains from most teeth – even those that are considered dead due to root damage.

Teeth with particularly bad staining as a result of tetracycline or fluorosis may not respond to treatment – or may require several doses. Prosthetic devices such as crowns, fillings, dentures and bridges can’t be whitened, but your dentist can offer simple solutions to this. Treatment should be pain-free although you may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of the teeth and gums which should improve within 24 hours of treatment finishing.

Professional tooth whitening is a safe, predictable and non-destructive way to rapidly brighten your smile. So many of our patients tell us that they didn't realise how much of a boost to their self-confidence it would bring until after they had tried professional whitening. We offer a number of solutions to controllably achieve the result you desire to achieve a natural-looking result.

The envisage team has a wealth of experience in providing a number of tooth whitening systems, and we have carried out post-graduate training to ensure we can offer care which puts your health and wellbeing at the core of everything we do. As always, we treat your mouth as we would treat our own and help you bring out the best version of yourself.

White Fillings

Our dental team has invested in many hours of post-graduate education to develop the skill and artistic flair needed to create cosmetic white fillings that look and feel fantastic. By choosing these fillings, you can smile, talk, laugh, and eat in complete confidence knowing that your teeth look perfectly natural.

We increasingly find that our clients opt for tooth-coloured ("composite") fillings instead of grey-looking ("amalgam") or gold fillings, as they not only restore the strength of your tooth by adhering to the tooth, but also retain the aesthetics of your smile. Cosmetic fillings can be matched to the shade, translucency and even the texture of your natural teeth, making them almost unnoticeable.

Unlike silver amalgam restorations, white composite restorations stick to the teeth meaning they are often used to repair chipped, broken or decayed teeth (especially at the front of your mouth). Our dental clinicians may sometimes use white restorations for back teeth if there is not too much decay or damage.

Tooth Extraction & Oral Surgery

A tooth, which is very decayed, damaged or loose because of gum disease, may have to be ‘extracted’ or surgically removed.

Sometimes children's teeth are extracted for orthodontic reasons to help the new or remaining teeth grow regularly or without being crowded.


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