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Lisa's Smile Makeover

Lisa came to us because she was unhappy with her smile and appearance of her front teeth. She was also concerned about undergoing any major changes or anything highly visible as she works in a client facing industry. After assessment, we were able to recommend a smile makeover with gentle whitening for a natural but stunning smile without being overly obvious. 

What we did 

Before we started any dental work we began with taking a set of impressions in order to create study models of the current teeth - these were then used to design how the final front teeth and smile were going to look. Once Lisa was happy with what we presented on the study models we proceeded with her smile makeover to make a set of crowns from a highly recognised laboratory. 


Lisa came in to prepare her teeth for new crowns and then came back for the final fitting along with whitening. The end result is a full smile which looks natural and in keeping with her jaw line and facial aesthetic. 

What did Lisa say?

“ I had full veneers for my top front teeth and Enlighten Whitening. I already had some old veneers but they became discoloured and I wanted them renewed. The whole experience was brilliant, I couldn’t fault it at all. My dentist was amazing- she really listened to me and her approach was very caring. She was constantly checking things were ok - she’s a perfectionist and that was reassuring. The list could go on! I had my top 4 veneers replaced which gave me whiter teeth and better shaped veneers as the previous ones were big and bulky. It’s a whole new look now and I would definitely recommend a Smile Makeover from envisage.” 

How to get your Smile Makeover

Pick up your full Smile-Check form at front desk and complete this before your Dental Health Check with the dentist. The Smile-Check goes through a list of what will make you happy and what areas of your smile may concern you which allows the dentist to talk to you about suitable options of treatment with no obligation.


Book your ULTIMATE Dental Health Check at your local dental clinic

See how we can help with your smile:

Smile Makeover

All our boutique dental clinics offer a transformational smile makeover experience with treatments designed for clear results. We understand how important it is to a person's self-esteem to be able to smile with confidence and eat without fear of unforeseen breakages. We offer full private cosmetic dentistry through our experienced dental teams to help you bring out the best version of yourself. To understand your needs and make a real difference to your life, we offer a full smile consultation to include discussing teeth whitening, straight teeth, crowns and veneers as well as to cover off the way you look and feel along with the way your teeth function for everyday life.

We invest in our people and business so that you can experience the best care available and our dental teams undergo extensive post graduate education and learning to continually meet the "gold standard" in the profession. You can be assured that you are in the hands of dentists who have a passion for dentistry and up to date techniques. We offer a range of experience across a variety of treatment modalities within envisage dental to preserve as much of what nature gave you as our priority whilst addressing any weak, damaged or missing teeth.

Our dentists are also able to offer straight teeth options, cosmetic white fillings, veneers, crowns, professional whitening, dentures, bridges, teeth implants, Botox and many more cosmetic treatments to inspire you to bring out the best version of yourself and help make a real difference to your life.

Teeth Whitening

Modern dentistry means that a bright and confident smile is now an accessible and affordable luxury for everyone. Tooth whitening is a quick and safe way to refresh and transform your smile – resulting in a healthy and more youthful appearance. Treatment is pain-free and convenient and results can be seen from the first application.

Your dentist will take impressions of your teeth and special trays will be made for you. Your dentist will supply you with a home whitening kit, show you how to use it and give you full instructions. After a 2 or 3 week period, depending on your requirements your dentist will then review your whitening progress. Tooth whitening is safe and suitable for use on the majority of people. It is normally possible to remove stains from most teeth – even those that are considered dead due to root damage.

Teeth with particularly bad staining as a result of tetracycline or fluorosis may not respond to treatment – or may require several doses. Prosthetic devices such as crowns, fillings, dentures and bridges can’t be whitened, but your dentist can offer simple solutions to this. Treatment should be pain-free although you may notice a slight increase in sensitivity of the teeth and gums which should improve within 24 hours of treatment finishing.

Professional tooth whitening is a safe, predictable and non-destructive way to rapidly brighten your smile. So many of our patients tell us that they didn't realise how much of a boost to their self-confidence it would bring until after they had tried professional whitening. We offer a number of solutions to controllably achieve the result you desire to achieve a natural-looking result.

The envisage team has a wealth of experience in providing a number of tooth whitening systems, and we have carried out post-graduate training to ensure we can offer care which puts your health and wellbeing at the core of everything we do. As always, we treat your mouth as we would treat our own and help you bring out the best version of yourself.

Fast Orthodontics & Clear Braces

In a 2007 study, 81% of people said that a smile is the dominant feature of facial appearance. Many of our patients are happy with their teeth, but not the appearance of the smile. To help these patients, we offer a range of fast orthodontic and clear brace systems to help straighten teeth. Our dental teams offer options such as Six-Month-Smiles, Inman Aligner, Quick-Straight-Teeth, Invisalign, C-Fast and much more depending on the individual case and your requirements.

Our clear brace specialists will assess your requirements and present the most relevant and appropriate options, based on your specific assessment results. Prior to any treatment, your oral hygiene and the health has to be at an optimum level. For this reason, we recommend regular hygiene care before and after treatment which can be provided on site by envisage dental.

Our team will sensitively advise you on the variety of fast orthodontic and clear brace systems we have to offer. Ultimately, this will help you to achieve your end goal and feel fantastic about the way you look.

Cosmetic Veneers

Porcelain veneers are hand crafted, often wafer thin and cover the front surface of the tooth, and they are used to rectify many defects and irregularities. Porcelain veneers are a cosmetic dental to solution to improving the appearance of your teeth in a very short period of time. A veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain applied to the front surface of your tooth to improve its’ appearance and disguise the irregularities underneath.

We use veneers to correct a number of concerns, whether your teeth are crooked, uneven, chipped, gapped, protruding or discoloured. The number of veneers you have will depend on the level of perfection you are looking for. Usually we veneer the teeth from the centre outwards, and do them in multiples of two so that you always have symmetry.

In most cases just 2 pain-free appointments are needed to complete the veneering process. The appointments last on average 90 minutes. We endeavour to make the whole experience as pain-free and relaxed as possible. Modern techniques mean that, even if you do require local anaesthetic, this can be undertaken with the minimum amount of discomfort – no more than a scratch is all you will feel, and you’ll be able to return to work pretty much straight away.

Complete Dentures

When we construct our complete dentures, we take impressions of the outside of the complete denture, the gum's surface, and the tongue and cheek areas in order to make sure that the dentures are created with a more accurate fit. In turn, patients with complete dentures constructed with this technique typically require little or no denture adhesive to keep their dentures in place.

There are so many benefits to having complete dentures made. First off, our complete dentures can help with increasing the lower face height. With other types of dentures, patients find that their face, lips, and cheeks physically change due to their missing teeth. Custom-made complete dentures by your dentist can help reduce this outcome.

If you are looking for a quality pair of complete dentures, call envisage dental today to learn more about how our custom complete dentures are the way to go!


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