Building an Award Winning Group

Building an Award Winning Group: Envisage once again shortlisted at The Dental Industry Awards 2023

Envisage Dental was set up in 2014 by husband and wife team, Harry Gill & Dr Sandy Dau. Almost 10 years on, Envisage Dental has built a reputation as the natural home for high-quality private dental clinics to join where their teams remain local, feel empowered and have expert support at their fingertips. In a momentous achievement, Envisage has once again been recognized at The Dental Industry Awards, this time across three categories, cementing another momentous year. The three categories represent real progress in areas that really matter to all the clinics at Envisage Dental. 


Corporate Social Responsibility: The first nationwide dental group to become B Corp Certified

Envisage has always been committed to looking after colleagues, patients, communities and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices led to becoming the first nationwide dental group to receive B Corp Certification in 2023 as well as the first Carbon Zero head office in group dentistry. This bold and visionary move resulted in being shortlisted for the prestigious "Corporate Social Responsibility" award. We believe in moving an entire industry in a direction of positive impact and remain optimistic to inspire others to join us. It is a testament to our dedication to not only providing the highest quality of dental care but doing so in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner.


Exemplary Patient Journey Service: Delivering 500,000 appointments per year with a World Class NPS Score

The patient journey is at the heart of each clinic at Envisage, it’s the reason teams work so hard to not only delivery high-quality dentistry but also patient experiences that create long-term loyal customers. The unwavering focus on patient satisfaction has borne fruit in the form of a world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS). Automatically measured across thousands of appointments each year through our own “Patients First” platform, the world-class patient NPS score earned us a spot for "Customer Service Provider of The Year." This recognition showcases the commitment to our golden rule of delivering outstanding service and ensuring patients receive nothing short of the best. 


Outstanding Business of The Year: A Culture of Care and Impressive Results

Envisage's success is not just the result of exceptional dental care but also the embodiment of a thriving culture across all our colleagues. The deep connection to our core values and our golden rule allows everybody to move in a unified direction. This, combined with the outstanding results each clinic achieves across all areas, earned a place in the category of "Outstanding Business of The Year." Envisage has masterfully fused its culture with its pursuit of excellence, creating a unique and unstoppable force in the industry.


A note from the founders 

Envisage's success would not have been possible without the dedication of the entire team and the trust built between our support teams and clinic teams. We recognize that groups have a real responsibility to do well by their colleagues, patients, communities and the environment, using business as a force for good to lift the industry. The recognition in the three categories at this year's Dental Industry Awards showcases our dedication to driving positive change in our industry and therefore setting new standards for dental care providers nationwide. As we continue to grow, our journey toward excellence remains ever more important as does our commitment to remain the natural group for high-quality private practices to join. Congratulations to all our colleagues for another remarkable year, and here's to an even brighter future!